Hello! I’m Thiago.

UX/Interaction Designer from Brazil.

I believe that the human-centered approach – which also includes humans from inside companies – is changing the way we discover and build products, and for this cause I happily advocate. In my career, I had the chance to apply this concept in diverse ways. The greatest part working with tech companies as a designer.

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At Wildtech, I’m a UX/Interaction Design consultant and instructor, currently dedicating most of my time to build solutions for e-commerce. I have a good experience with complex platforms and the challenges of Softwares as a Service (SaaS), besides designing for news sites/portals.


As a trained illustrator (degree in Fine Arts), I facilitate the adoption of UX through Visual Thinking and Agile methodologies. Check this article in an influent blog to see my take on Agile UX.

I’ve been very active on UX Design community, giving talks regularly in local and international events. As a contribution to the field, I wrote an e-book on UXD that has already 4.000 readers, and I co-created UXConfBR, brazilian annual conference.

Feel free to contact me and chat about any of this subjects.

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A sample of some projects I’ve worked on.

Checkout Redesign

The e-commerce platform EZ Commerce has more than 300 clients in multiple scenarios. We redesigned the entire checkout process, in a product that we called Easy Checkout. My involvement was from conception to prototyping in high definition, conducting tests and analysing performance metrics. On average, the new checkout brought a 30% improvement in conversion rate compared to the previous version.

uMov.me Redesign (app)

uMov.me is a platform that allows companies to manage the various types of processes (logistics, sales, research) from data collected via mobile devices. The solution for each customer – flows, tasks, visual identity – can be customized via web/desktop interface. I was mainly involved with the redesign of Android, iOS, Windows Phone apps and web version, changes in product information architecture and conducting user research.

In this video, Daniel Wildt (CTO) explains the dynamics that we ran to map customer journey (in portuguese).

Zero Hora (news site)

In the period I worked with Zero Hora‘s digital team, I was responsible for the visual design of special sections, improvements in information architecture, newspaper interaction design and gathering user needs.


Take a look at this one I gave at Interaction 16 at Henlsinki, Finland. More talks of mine here.

Visual Thinking

I use illustration as a tool to communicate ideas and storytelling. One of them was included in the The Sketchnote Workbook by Mike Rohde (who illustrated 37 Signals books).

You can check the sketches I post from time to time in my Instagram account. Here’s another sample.


  • Designing interfaces: Mobile + Web
  • Defining structure and application flow: Interaction Design + Information Architecture
  • Gathering users needs: User Research + Usability Testing + Personas + Customer journey map + Features priorization (facilitating all these)
  • Visual thinking: Sketchnotes + Big picture
  • Dialoguing with software developers: HTML + CSS + Working in pair

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